PUBG MOBILE celebrates its six year anniversary with the new Version 3.1 Update, featuring:

  • The Nimbus Islands: Explore Day Island and Night Island, find the Auspicious Vault Key, ride a Flying Carpet, summon a magical Genie, and more.
  • Cycle 6 Season 17 arrives, bringing an array of exciting updates and enhancements.
  • Additions and improvements to World of Wonder, with new Fairy Tale parts, dynamic rain and snow weather effects, and new ways for players to design their dream homes.
  • Metro Royale updates, including Treasure Ship areas and new Chapter 19 collectibles.
  • New partnerships, including Spy x Family, a new luxury car partner, and more yet to be announced.

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)  PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, has unveiled  new hidden treasures with the release of its Version 3.1 Update. Until May 12th, players can now experience the new themed mode Skyhigh Spectacle and battle across the Nimbus Islands, a pair of islands offering players unique ways to engage in intense battles and strategic gameplay. Metro Royale Chapter 19 also receives updates and fixes, whilst World of Wonder sees new improvements, including an all-new feature allowing players to design their own dream homes inside PUBG MOBILE.

The Version 3.1 Update, which releases in line with PUBG MOBILE’s sixth anniversary, sees the Nimbus Islands invite PUBG MOBILE players to vary their gameplay. The Nimbus Islands offer different combat experiences, while Sky Isle (Day) is illuminated and ideal for intense firefights, Sky Isle (Night) provides a darker, stealthier setting.

As players jump into the fray on the Erangel, Livik, and Miramar maps, they will encounter two portals in the sky along the flight path, transporting them to the Nimbus Island of their choice. Upon reaching the Nimbus Islands, a countdown timer starts; if eliminated on the islands, players will parachute directly back to the main match.  After the countdown, the islands disappear, becoming unavailable for the rest of the match. With ample supplies scattered across the islands, PUBG MOBILE players can gear up for intense battles on the Nimbus Islands or opt for a tactical retreat through the portal and back to the main match.

You can also summon a Genie on the Nimbus Islands. Alongside summoning a Genie to receive bountiful rewards and Respawn Card, players can also experience the whimsical Flying Carpet vehicle. With its groundbreaking Ground/Air Flight Switch feature, players can seamlessly transition between ground and air travel. While on the ground, the carpet glides smoothly, allowing the backseat passenger to participate in combat; however, once airborne, shooting is disabled, compelling players to hold on tightly as the carpet performs exhilarating aerial manoeuvres. Players can also recall the Flying Carpet once they reach a certain distance, or release it if desired, providing new tactical opportunities on the battleground. When a Flying Carpet is unoccupied, players can use emotes near the carpet, causing it to dance with them, with further Flying Carpet interactions for PUBG MOBILE players to explore and discover.   
The Nimbus Islands also introduces the flying Sky Treasure Ship, capable of journeying on a set route to different locations. Operating on a predetermined path, the Sky Treasure Ship pauses at each boarding point along its route for players to hop aboard, and sporadically releases numerous rewards at these boarding points, enticing players with valuable loot.

The Version 3.1 Update also brings a variety of new weapons and tactical items in themed game mode, including the Grooving grenade, a new throwable that will summon a Genie and create a temporary dancing zone, and the Portal Staff, which can create two portals for quick mid-range transportation and teammate rescues. Each player is also equipped with a Treasure Map, enabling them to locate both common and rare crates containing various supplies during the match, with the added possibility of discovering the elusive Treasure Vault Key, which will grant access to rare supplies when used to unlock the Auspicious Treasure Vault.

Miramar also receives a significant update in Version 3.1, including new areas, gas station updates, and new ziplines, alongside the introduction of potential sandstorms. The Truck Stop and Partona areas are now integrated into Miramar, and gas stations across the map now offer vehicle refuelling services, allowing players to replenish fuel using tokens. A new Trade Shop has also emerged, and will purchase five specific types of items from players each match, with a small amount of items also available for players to purchase.

The P90 firearm also returns to being the first SMG available in air drop crates. This updated version of the P90 will exclusively spawn in air drop crates, and utilises a distinctive 5.7mm ammo, with a high rate of fire and minimal recoil offering exceptional performance.  Cycle 6 Season 17 also arrives in the Version 3.1 Update, bringing forth an array of exciting updates and enhancements, including the introduction of new legendary items, promising players an elevated experience with exclusive rewards.

The Version 3.1 Update also sees new additions to the World of Wonder creative mode as it celebrates its one year anniversary, with new Fairy Tale elements including pirate ships, cannons, telescopes, and more, alongside new rainy and snowy weather, and an all-new Home system.

Unlike World of Wonder’s limited access, Home is open to all players, allowing them to construct their dream home, fostering creativity and community engagement on a grand scale. The Home tab, which can be found on the World of Wonders page, offers players the unique chance to design and build their own dream homes within PUBG MOBILE! Decorate your home with a variety of interactable items including chairs, sofas, beds, lamps, two-seater swings, speakers, guitars, pianos, violins, and more. Each home also features its own butler. Players are also able to browse and visit their friends’ homes, join forces to edit homes with up to four people online, explore featured homes, and check home rankings.

Furthermore, a Home Shop has been added to the Cheer Park, enabling players to purchase home items. Players can also use a special Home token to participate in Lucky Spins and win exclusive furniture and items for their homes. Complete home missions to win fabulous rewards, and utilise camera modes to save images of your home to your mobile phones and in-game home photo albums.

Additionally, the new Metro Royale Chapter will be available from March 14th to May 12th. Players can enjoy Treasure Ship areas and Balloon Crates added to Misty Port and Arctic Base maps, alongside new Chapter 19 collectibles.

Players can also look forward to an exciting upcoming collaboration with the highly acclaimed anime and manga series Spy x Family, as well as another partnership with a yet to be announced new luxury car manufacturer coming soon. Stay tuned for more details!

Complete information about what’s included in PUBG MOBILE’s Version 3.1 Update can be found in the official patch notes available here.

PUBG MOBILE’s Version 3.1 Update will be available on March 12th! Download the game and play for free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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