Family First, Business Second: Festive Travel Priorities Revealed in Pakistan: inDrive Survey Report

Family First, Business Second: Festive Travel Priorities Revealed in Pakistan: inDrive Survey Report

Karachi (Muhammad Yasir)

As winter holidays and New Year’s festivities approach, inDrive. City to City unveils a captivating snapshot of Pakistan’s travel preferences through their recent intercity survey. The findings provide insights for those gearing up for the festive season.

With temperatures dropping, travel excitement heats up, revealing that 70% of Pakistanis thrive on spontaneity, choosing to plan their cross-city escapades a few days before or even on the same day. This adventurous spirit adds a dash of thrill to the journey, creating an environment ripe for exploration.

Intercity travel in Pakistan is a vibrant tapestry, with 81% engaging in such trips once or several times per half year. A remarkable 18% are avid travelers, jetting off 2-4 times per month. The reasons behind these journeys are as diverse as the landscape itself, with work or business commitments (57%) topping the list, closely followed by family bonds and visits (52%).

For those plotting their holiday routes, the survey suggests that a little planning goes a long way. While around 70% embrace spontaneity, an early game plan ensures the most comfortable options at reasonable prices. Buses (59%), personal cars (35%), and rented cars (37%) are the go-to modes of transportation, reflecting a mix of convenience and personal style.

When it comes to choosing how to travel, safety takes the lead at 63%, closely trailed by a reasonable price (55%) and comfort (45%). For those seeking economical options, buses take the spotlight, but when speed is of the essence, individual ride-hailing services become the preferred choice. Personal cars, on the other hand, offer a haven for those valuing privacy during their journeys.

Amidst these travel trends, inDrive.City to City emerges as a pioneer in offering comfort and safety for long-distance journeys. The ‘set your own price’ model allows passengers to propose a fare, opening the door for negotiation with drivers who prioritize both safety and fair pricing. The unique platform accommodates spontaneous trips, liberating users from rigid timetables and offering an ideal solution for those seeking a dash of adventure.

Ruslan Khasanov, Business Development Manager South Asia at inDrive. City to City, affirms, “As Pakistanis gear up for the winter holidays, it’s crucial that the journey is as memorable as the destination. We prioritize the safety and comfort of our passengers, coupled with a fair pricing model. Let nothing dampen the spirit of family reunions and celebrations during this festive period.”

This winter, inDrive. City to City invites Pakistanis to redefine their travel experience, creating memories that rival the destination itself. Embrace spontaneity, prioritize safety, and set your own course on the road to adventure.

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