CEO CBD Punjab & Chairman P&D Discuss Initiatives For SOCIO-ECONOMIC Development Of Punjab

CEO CBD Punjab & Chairman P&D Discuss Initiatives For SOCIO-ECONOMIC Development Of Punjab

Lahore (Muhammad Yasir)

The Punjab Central Business District Development Authority (PCBDDA), widely known as Central Business District Punjab (CBD Punjab), welcomed Chairman Iftikhar Ali Sahoo of the Planning & Development Board (P&D) Punjab to the CBD Punjab Complex in Lahore, for a productive visit. The primary objective of this visit was to engage in discussions regarding CBD Punjab’s ongoing and forthcoming projects and their pivotal role in steering the economic development of Punjab. During the visit, Imran Amin, CEO CBD Punjab, provided comprehensive insights into the current and prospective projects undertaken by the authority.

In attendance were notable figures including Executive Director Commercial, Mohammad Omer, Director Business Development Ali Waqar Shah, Director Project Management Asif Iqbal, along with senior officials from CBD Punjab and NESPAK.

The commercial and technical teams of CBD Punjab underscored the significance of authority’s projects such as Sirius, Regalia, Runway, Node, and Sano, emphasizing their transformative impact on Punjab’s development landscape. Iftikhar Ali Sahoo commended the projects initiated by CBD Punjab and assured unwavering support from the Planning & Development Board, recognizing their potential to drive sustainable growth in the province.

While expressing his views Chairman P&D Board Punjab, Iftikhar Ali Sahoo said, “The projects initiated by CBD Punjab showcase a promising future for Punjab’s economic prosperity. We are committed to extending our support and collaboration to ensure their success.” CEO CBD Punjab, Imran Amin, extended his profound gratitude for Chairman Iftikhar Ali Sahoo’s visit, while talking on the occasion he said, “We appreciate the recognition of CBD Punjab’s projects by Chairman P&D Board Punjab, signifying our joint commitment to Punjab’s progress. Our projects embody our dedication to fostering sustainable growth and prosperity in Punjab.”

The exchange of ideas and support between CBD Punjab and the Planning & Development Board underscores a shared vision for the economic prosperity and sustainable growth of Punjab.

The commitment displayed during this visit paves the way for continued collaboration, ensuring that CBD Punjab’s transformative projects serve as pillars of progress, driving positive change and prosperity throughout the region.

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