Puma Energy Extends Brand Licences to Chishti Group

Puma Energy Extends Brand Licences to Chishti Group

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Puma Energy International and Chishti Group have signed an extended brand licence agreement authorizing the use of the Puma Energy brand and name in Pakistan.

This brand license agreement reflects the growing strength of the Puma Energy International brand and its attractiveness as a fuel retail brand across high-potential growth markets.

The agreement marks Puma Energy International’s optimism regarding Pakistan’s long-term economic outlook, as well as Puma Energy Pakistan’s capability to grow and capture greater market share through quality products and services.

The Chishti Group, which operates a retail network under the Puma Energy Pakistan brand, has over 600 retail sites across the country that currently consists of over 50 Puma branded retail sites. The company plans to expand the network to include all the key retail sites as part of its growth plans. In addition, as part of its collaboration with Puma Energy International, the Chishti Group will explore powering Puma Energy-branded retail sites with solar energy as well as expanding its services to LPG distribution to consumers through its growing retail network.

The agreement was signed by Puma Energy International CEO Hadi Hallouche and Chishti Group Chairman Amir Chishti. A delegation of Puma Energy International, Trafigura, and Puma Energy Pakistan also welcomed and met with Pakistan’s Mr. Muhammad Ali, Caretaker Federal Minister of Energy, and discussed the country’s future outlook, as well as the Group’s commitment to the country. The delegation from Chishti included Amir Chishti, Chairman of the Chishti Group; Fayaz Khan, CEO of Puma Energy Pakistan; Javed Ahmedjee, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Puma Energy Pakistan; and Kamal Haider Board Member of Puma Energy Pakistan.


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