Renowned Artists Convened in Lahore for 15th ArtBeat Jury

Renowned Artists Convened in Lahore for 15th ArtBeat Jury

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

The 15th edition of ArtBeat – National Child Art Competition and Exhibitions witnessed an inspiring gathering of esteemed artists in Lahore as they formed the jury to curate the finest artistic expressions from across Pakistan.

This year, the panel of accomplished artists, representing diverse regions and artistic disciplines, included Abdul Jabbar Gull (sculptor and artist, Karachi), Irfan Gul Dahri (artist, art otaq/numaish gah, Lahore), Shireen Bano Rizvi (department of visual arts, national college of arts, Lahore), Ali Azmat (artist, college of art and design, university of the Punjab), Sajjad Akram (director, nukta studio, Islamabad; NCA Rawalpindi), Kiran Saleem (visual artist, Lahore; department of fine arts, NCA Lahore), and Najia Azmat (visual artist, Lahore). This year’s competition saw an incredible response, with 234 schools and 45 community organizations passionately submitting artworks.

The jury with their extensive expertise, selected 234 artworks that captured the essence of creativity and imagination. A curated display of over 234 artworks will be showcased at the Zahoor Ul Akhlaq Gallery in NCA.

The exhibition will open exclusively for award winners on 8th December and will be accessible to the public on 9th December 2023. Child artists selected to present their works at the gallery exhibitions in Lahore will receive certificates and prizes from the esteemed guests.

The 15th ArtBeat once again stands as a testament to The Little Art’s commitment to empowering the youth through creative expression and providing them a platform to voice their perspectives.

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