Dubai Fashion Week’s Latest Trends and Highlights

Established in collaboration between Dubai Design District (d3) and the Arab Fashion Council (AFC), Dubai Fashion Week (DFW), previously recognized as Arab Fashion Week (AFW), stands as Dubai’s exclusive and officially recognized fashion platform, integrated into the global fashion calendar alongside renowned events in New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

DFW serves as a dynamic global showcase, highlighting Dubai’s outstanding contributions to creativity and the fashion industry, captivating audiences worldwide. With Dubai’s local and international designers showcasing exquisite men and women’s collections, the event was held from October 9 to October 15 2023. DFW is known to showcase iconic figures in the fashion world, including luminaries like Iris van Herpen, Jean Paul Gaultier, Antonio Marras, Blumarine, Moschino, and more.

International Designers

 Carolina Herrera

Kicking off with the unveiling of Carolina Herrera’s much-anticipated SS24 collection, comprising unique designs to celebrate this momentous occasion, the collection was a tribute to the house’s creative director, Wes Gordon. An exclusive dinner was also organized, gathering distinguished media, buyers, and notable celebrities from the global fashion scene. The brand also welcomed its clients for a private exploration of the collection during a trunk show scheduled throughout the same week. The night radiated an aura of elegance, harmonizing perfectly with the brand’s unmatched style.


PIPATCHARA’s collection, titled “Sensation Spectrum,” seamlessly blended sustainability with luxury. Drawing inspiration from the sensory experiences of nature encountered during vacations, the collection revolved around the themes of light and sound, offering a versatile range of 30 designs suitable for diverse lifestyles. Infinitude, an endlessly adaptable material, unlocked boundless opportunities for color combinations and design. The inclusion of Infinitude jewelry showcased the potential of sustainable materials.


BLSSD demonstrated their commitment to pushing creative boundaries with their latest offering, the “Not 2.0” collection. This poetic, bold exploration of design took inspiration from their earlier “Not” collection, daringly defying norms by fusing elements of minimalism, glamour, sporty styles, and sophistication. With transparent layering, inventive textile techniques, and creative fabric combinations, the collection introduced the color taupe introduced a subtle refinement, away from the usual monochromatic palette.


The renowned Malaysian designer duo, Rizman Nordin and Ruzaini Jamil, revealed a collection of 60 exquisite outfits. These stunning designs graced international models, including beloved Malaysian favorites Tinie and Deedee Nash. The show reached its peak when the world-famous supermodel and cultural icon, Naomi Campbell, graced the catwalk wearing a spectacular handmade gown adorned with thousands of sparkling gemstones. This collection found its inspiration in the enchanting legend of Seri Gumum, a mythical dragon that once roamed the dark waters of Lake Chini. The designs featured intricate beadwork and sequins, with a color palette ranging from turquoise and vibrant rose gold to burnt orange, silver, and the designers’ signature deep black. Additionally, traditional Malaysian Songket weaving paid tribute to the nation’s rich heritage. All in all, the top tier of Dubai’s social calendar was nothing short of a potpourri of elegance, style and fashion.

Local Dubai-based Designers


Anaya is a premium RTW brand that embodies effortless beauty, meticulously tailored for the empowered women of cosmopolitan hubs. Chathuri, the Designer and Creative Director, infuses her work with a contemporary, feminine aesthetic characterized by distinctive cuts and innovative fabric techniques, resulting in fashion that is both distinctive and practical. The brand transformed into an entity larger than the individual, while remaining true to the artist’s original vision.

Zeena Zaki

In her collection, a striking spectrum of colors took center stage, expertly blending form-fitting designs with rich, dazzling accents. Mesh metallic ensembles, elegant black gowns, and intricate lace embellishments underscored her meticulous craftsmanship. The color palette of the collection spanned from soft, sunlit yellows to deep greens and enchanting lilacs, creating a regal ambiance. To add a final touch of elegance and sophistication, a wedding dress graced the collection.

Marmar Halim

Marmar Halim artfully conveyed the intricacies of the desert. The collection was a fusion of taffeta, velvet, chiffon, sequins, and leather-like materials, resulting in creatively manipulated textures. These fabrics were fashioned into draped silhouettes, providing a voice for Marmar’s unspoken reflections. The traditional cuts seamlessly merged with exaggerated and deliberately unfinished details, giving rise to maxi gowns, ruffled sleeves, asymmetric collars, and flowing capes that brushed the floor.

DFW also entailed Dyson’s limited-time pop-up to elevate the style and enjoy a complimentary hair styling session. The visitors could explore the newest range of haircare products, including the Airstrait. The inaugural Threads Talks was also held by Meta in collaboration with the Arab Fashion Council.

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