New York Warriors cricket franchise

New York Warriors cricket franchise

Pakistan (Muhammad Yasir)

Cricket, a sport that has fervently captured the hearts of billions worldwide, is now making notable inroads into the American sporting landscape. At the forefront of this movement is Muhammad Kamran Awan, a visionary Pakistan-origin entrepreneur. As the co-owner of the New York Warrior cricket franchise, he’s making waves by pledging to establish a prospering cricket brand in the USA’s inaugural T10 league.

A group of pioneering entrepreneurs has been instrumental in this groundbreaking venture. Pakistani businessman, Awan, collaboratively with Husnain Bajwa and two Indian origin entrepreneurs, Preet Kamal and Gurmeet Singh, have made history. They’ve acquired the New York Warriors cricket franchise, marking a significant milestone in the USA’s cricketing journey.

Masters T10, an international sensation in the cricket world, has previously organized thrilling tournaments in countries like Zimbabwe, UAE, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. This time, their focus is set on the US, as they bring forth the US Masters T10 League. Scheduled from August 18 to August 27, the matches will enthrall fans at the Fort Lauderdale County Cricket Stadium, Florida. Six competent teams are ready to clash: New York Warriors, Atlanta Fire, California Knights, Texas Chargers, NJ Legends, and Morrisville Unity.

Kamran Awan’s achievements don’t stop there. Based in the US and hailing from Chakwal, this successful entrepreneur holds the unique distinction of being the first Pakistani to own a team in the UST10 League. As the proud owner of New York Warriors, he’s certainly making his presence felt.

The New York Warriors are no ordinary team. Their squad boasts the crème de la crème of Pakistan cricket, with luminaries like Misbah Ul Haq (captain), Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal, Muhammad Razzaque, and Sohail Khan. To add more glamor and fan fervor, several Pakistani celebrities are flying to the US, all on the special invitation of Kamran Awan. Notables among them are Nauman Ijaz, Fakhar-e-Alam, Aijaz Aslam, and many others. The enchanting Nargis Fakhri will also grace the matches, cheering for the New York Warriors from India. Iconic figures like Chacha Cricket and heartthrob Momin Saqib are all set to warm up the crowd, ensuring electrifying atmospheres during the games.

Muhammad Kamran Awan elucidated, Aim is to promote cricket, create myriad growth opportunities for international players in the US sports market, and bridge enthusiasts from both nations. We have adopted a streamlined approach, leveraging televised broadcasts to reach a wider audience. Our goal is straightforward – to build a dominant cricket brand in the USA.

While steering the New York Warriors towards glory, Kamran Awan’s ambitions don’t remain bound within American shores. They have now spread across oceans to embrace his home country, Pakistan. He is also aiming to participate in the upcoming Pakistani T10 League showcases a duality of commitment—one that envisions cricket’s growth on both sides of the globe. Awan’s fervent passion for cricket and his unyielding drive to nurture and amplify the sport’s potential talent are clear in his every move.

Awan’s zeal transcends mere cricket promotion. His mission encompasses fostering cultural exchange. Together with co-owners, they’re championing talented Pakistani cricketers, offering them a stage to flaunt their skills globally. Their steadfast approach is evident, playing a pivotal role in elevating Pakistan’s cricketing milestones in the United States.

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